3 Questions to Ask BEFORE You Hit the Boost Button on Facebook

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Have you ever received this notification from Facebook?

“Your post is performing 75% better than the rest.  Boost it for $$$…”

It’s a bit exciting right?

This particular post is getting better results that 75% of all your other posts!

So, you hover your mouse over the “Boost” button…

I mean, what’s the harm in spending $15 boosting this post?

Well, before you click the “Boost” button, I want you to ask yourself 3 key questions…

Question 1 – What is the post about?

Is it a funny meme?  Or a silly photo?  Or is it a useful video that positions your agency as the authority in your marketplace?

If the post is a funny meme that has been circulating the internet for the last 3 days, PLEASE don’t pay $15 to circulate it further.

If it’s a valuable video or blog post talking about something that you’d like to be known for in your marketplace, then maybe it’s worth putting some ad dollars behind it.

But wait!

If you’re getting great results from a video or blog post, please don’t hit “Boost”.  Use the Facebook Ads Manager to set up an ad driving traffic to that post, so you can access all the features of the Ads Manager, rather than the limits of the “Boost” button.

Question 2 – What am I trying to achieve?

What’s the point of spending money on boosting this post?

Why are you wanting to show this post to more people?

Really think about this question.  Eyes on a post does not equal money in the bank.

Please carefully consider this question before you spend money on boosting a post.

If you realise that you just like the feeling of likes and a large reach, that’s not a great goal.  It’s a vanity metric.  It makes you feel warm and fuzzy, but it doesn’t add leads into your database.

If you realise you’re wanting to get more people to click through to your website and read your blog or watch your video, then sure, that’s a great goal.  But again, don’t hit the “Boost” button, set it up inside Ads Manager, set up the Facebook Pixel, and then retarget people who have visited your website with another ad.  You can’t do this if you don’t use the Ads Manager!  Please use the Ads Manager.

Question 3 – What action do I want my audience to take once they’ve seen this post?

If you don’t know exactly what you want your audience to do once they’ve seen your post, they won’t know either.

This means that, if you’re trying to get people to comment on the post, or message you, or join your database via your Facebook posts, but you’re not clear about this, your audience probably won’t take the action you want.

So, it can be fun to get extra likes on a post, but that doesn’t put dollars in the bank.   Names and contact details put dollars in the bank.

Avoid spending advertising dollars just to get more likes on a post, but be open to spending ad dollars on anything that will take your audience and encourage them to join your database.  Once a person is on your database, you’re able to contact them directly and continue the nurturing of that relationship and eventually turn them into a client.

But, sounding like a broken record here, I’m going to suggest that you avoid that Boost button again, and create an ad inside the Ads Manager, where you’ve got more control around who sees the ad, the different testing tools, the Facebook Pixel and much more!


Once you’ve answered these 3 questions for yourself, it’s time to jump into Facebook Ads.  Learn more about the 7 Step System for getting Landlord Leads from Facebook Ads in our Facebook Ads Workshop.

And if you haven’t read my last blog What Type of Property Manager Are You? be sure to check that out next.

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