5 Experts You Need When You Start Your Rent Roll

I remember standing in a change room in a ladies fashion store when my stylist threw a bright orange dress over the door and said “try that one”.

I looked at this dress and I could feel myself physically shrink down.

I looked at this bright dress and thought “I can NOT wear that”.

I looked at this orange dress and thought “people will stare at me if I wear that”.

I was NOT comfortable with the idea of wearing a bright orange dress.

But I put the dress on anyway.

And my stylist was right…

Bright orange looks great on me.

Want proof? Here’s a picture ?

Woman wearing orange top, holding blue coffee mug

I just needed an expert to tell me what to wear.

And I’ve realised that this is so true of everything in business.

We need experts to help us when we’re growing our business.

So, I wanted to give you my list of 5 experts you might like to “consult with” as you’re growing your rent roll.

  1. Legal Expert

There’s so much risk being in business. And there’s even more risk owning a rent roll.

So, please get an expert lawyer on your team.

I’m a big fan of Kristen Porter from O*NO Legal because she explains legal stuff in a non-lawyer way.

In fact, Kristen has a great checklist for creating a Legally Unbreakable agency that you can grab here.

But whether you work with Kristen or someone else, please get a legal expert on your team.

  1. Accounting Expert

I have to be honest.  I don’t enjoy the numbers side of my business.  Never have.

But I do like to minimise my tax.  I certainly don’t want to pay any more tax than I have to.

So, please get an awesome accountant on your team, and make sure your company structure is set up in a way that minimises your expenses.

I work with an accountant based on the NSW Central Coast (he’s been handling my accounting stuff since back when I started my rent roll, and he’s awesome).  Leave me a message here if you want an introduction to him (I don’t want to overwhelm him!)

  1. CRM Expert Software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software is so important if you’re going to grow a rent roll.  You just can’t possibly be expected to remember to stay in touch (and follow up with) everyone on your database.

If you’re first starting out and you can’t afford a full CRM Software platform, consider using something like HubSpot.

But when you’re ready for something more robust, I really like Eagle Software.

Regardless of which expert CRM Software platform you use, make sure that you have a collection of email automations set up to communicate with your database on a regular basis. I like this collection of automations that Eagle have for download (you don’t have to be an Eagle customer to use them either!)

  1. Rent Roll Growth Expert

Grab opportunities to learn from others who have done what you’re doing.  If you’re starting your rent roll from scratch, don’t have a sales team, and you want to grow your rent roll, but you don’t have a big budget for advertising, you’ll want to learn from me.  That’s my story.  So, if you relate to this story, join me on my on-demand Masterclass: 5 Ways to Grow Your Rent Roll (all 5 ways are free growth strategies – so if sticking to a budget is important, you’ll love this training).

And if you love live training events, there are a couple coming up you might want to check out:

Eastern Property Managers – this one is coming up in Melbourne in June 2021 (and I’m going to be the guest speaker at this event).

PM Thrive – this one is coming up in Tasmania in May 2021, with some amazing speakers attending.

PM Collective Summit – this one is in Perth in June 2021 and also has some cool speakers attending.

  1. Expert Graphic Designer

When I first started my rent roll, I didn’t have the funds for a great graphic designer, so I found designers on Fiverr.

But here’s my hot tip: if you hire a graphic designer on Fiverr, ask them to use Canva for the design and get them to share the template with you to your Canva account.  This way, you can keep the templates in your own Canva account and re-use them later!

I also have a couple of favourite templates in Canva that I wanted to share with you here too (you’ll need a Canva account to access these)

Listing Presentation Template

This or That Instagram Story Templates

  1. Bonus Expert – An Expert Stylist

I know, this can seem extravagant.  But one of the most important things I’ve ever learnt is what colours look good on me.  That’s why I wear bright red lipstick all the time (turns out, bright colours look great on me!)

I work with Vibrant Concepts and I know they can do your colour analysis virtually, and they only need some photos of you to figure it out for you.  It’s not a big investment, and it makes selecting your brand colours so much easier!


So they’re my expert recommendations.  The 5, well 6, experts you need to have in your corner when you’re growing a rent roll.

And remember, register for my training: 5 Ways to Grow Your Rent Roll.  See you there!

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