5 Tools for Property Management

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It’s almost the end of 2020, so I wanted to share 5 tools with you that made the most difference in my business (and the rent roll owners I worked with ths year).

So, if you own, run or work in a Property Management department, and you want to use the 5 tools that have helped other rent roll owners this year, check these out:

1. Bonjoro

This is my favourite tool for sending short video messages.  Use it for any prospective landlords, and use it to update your landlords as you finish an open home or as you’re finishing a routine inspection (this is a great way to “buy” yourself some time after a routine inspection to prepare and send the inspection report).

Plus, you can get a free version of the app too, so download Bonjoro and give it a try for yourself!

2. Canva

I’m terrible at graphic design.  And so are many of my clients. So that’s why we use Canva. Canva is the perfect tool for creating social media posts, ebooks, listing presentations, and much more!

Plus, you can get a free version of Canva too!  I love it when you can get free versions!

If you like the idea of getting some templates in Canva, make sure you join us in The Social Summit (coming up in 2021) and we’ll be giving a few templates away!

3. pmXcite Resource Bundle

If you need help with getting new Google reviews, or you’re thinking about implementing Trello into your PM department, or you need other property management training (for free), you can access the free pmXcite Free Resource Bundle.

It’s awesome!  And, did I mention it’s free?

4.  Christmas Email Template (and office sign template)

If you’re planning to close your office at all during the Christmas period (even if it’s just for the public holidays) and you want a template you can use (including a Canva template for a sign you can put up in your office), I created this for you.

It’s been downloaded by hundreds of other rent roll owners, so if you’d like a copy, grab the Christmas Email Template.

And yes, it’s free.

5.  16 Social Media Post Ideas

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for what to post on social media, I’ve put together a list of 16 different types of posts you can use in your social media strategy.

And if you enjoy that list, you’ll want to register for The Social Summit, which is free social media training especially for rent roll owners, property managers and BDMs, coming up in 2021.

And yes, that’s all free too.

So that’s my top 5 tools for 2020 and they’re the ones my client have loved the most too.

And if you want a bonus favourite… check out my free training 5 Ways To Grow Your Rent Roll – it’s on demand and ready for you!

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