How to use Blogs to Get More Landlord Leads

Ever wondered how the blogs on your website are supposed to get your more landlord leads?

I mean, we’re always being told to produce content.

Content, content, content.

If you listen to Gary Vaynerchuck or Kerwin Rae, they’ll tell you that “content is king”.

And they’re not wrong.

Creating content, in the form of blogs posts is an awesome way to get more leads into your business.

But it doesn’t happen by accident.

You’ve gotta have a plan…

You’ve gotta follow a formula…

And you’ve gotta be consistent…

So let me share 3 ways you can use blogs to get more landlord leads into your business:


  1. Credibility and Authority in your Marketplace

Creating regular blog articles is the ultimate way to share your knowledge, build you profile and grow the perception of authority in your marketplace.

Let’s face it, who else in your market place is blogging regularly?

Hardly anyone, right?

So, here’s your opportunity to build a level of authority and credibility in your marketplace.

Be that one agency in town that is writing regular articles (blog posts) about the kind of stuff your clients are interested in.

The best way to grow this authority is to be the expert on a few key topics and to talk about them regularly.

But there is one way to totally ruin your credibility and authority in your blogs:

Talk about yourself all the time.

If you constantly write blog articles talking about

  • Winning real estate awards
  • The new software you just put into your Property Management department
  • Why a landlord should choose you as their Property Manager
  • All the amazing sales results you’ve achieved

You’re going to lose that credibility and authority.

There’s a place for that stuff.

It’s in your bio, or your “about us” page, or “meet the team” page.

But your blog is for useful, helpful information that can benefit your potential clients.

It’s not the place for bragging.

Please put that stuff somewhere else.


  1. Consistency and Reliability

Have you ever noticed that real estate agencies open, close, change brands, agents change offices, Property Managers move on and there’s this sense of inconsistency in our industry?

Do you want to be different from everyone else?

Create a sense of consistency and reliability in your brand by being a source of information and education through your blogs.

One of the best ways to be a “rock of stability” is to be posting blogs on a consistent basis.

Being a resource for your marketplace will elevate your credibility and authority, sure (we talked about that in my last point), but it also shows that you can be relied upon.

If you want to show your market that you’re here to stay, and you’ll always be around to look after them, be consistent and reliable in your blogging.

What this means is, set a schedule for when you’re going to publish a blog.

This might be weekly (ideally), fortnightly or monthly.

But whatever it is, decide and commit to it!

Never miss a week (or fortnight, or month).

Show up, with your valuable, informative blog, without fail at the same time, same place.

Your marketing will start to expect it, and rely on it.

And when your competitors are still bouncing from doing a blog this month, to doing a video next month, to forgetting to publish anything the month after…

You’ll be there, reliably, consistently.

And your marketplace will notice.

Now, if you’re not sure how to schedule this up, or what frequency you should be blogging, you can learn about it in the Rent Roll Owner’s Marketing School program, which is coming soon.


  1. Leverage

There’s power in having a blog.

And there’s power in having a long-standing blog.

Especially when it comes to working with your referral partners.

One of my favourite ways to get more leads is to get a referral partner to share one of my blog posts with their audience.

Trust me, if you follow a high converting blog formula, you’ll get people handing over their contact details to you after they read your blog

(And if you don’t know how to write a high converting blog, you can learn about it in the the Rent Roll Owner’s Marketing School, which is enrolling soon.)

But where this becomes extra leveraged is when your referral partner will send your blog (using a high converting blog formula) to their database!

Can you imagine, getting your blog in front of someone else’s database?

It works like a charm, believe me!

One email, to your referral partner’s database, can result in countless new leads appearing in your database!

And what’s more is, you only write the blog once!

And then you can use it again, and again!

It’s a totally free way to get more landlord leads, and it’s quite honestly one of my favourite ways to get leads!

So, if you do nothing else from this blog post…

PUH-lease use your blogs with your referral partners.

So that’s how to use your blogs to get more landlord leads!

If you need more ideas on other ways to grow your rent roll, join my free Masterclass on 5 Ways To Grow Your Rent Roll

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