So, you’ve started your new rent roll.  You’re new.  You’re fresh.  You’re agile.  But no one knows your brand!

The trouble with being a new brand AND being a startup agency is that you feel like you need to invest the MOST in your branding, but you have limited capital.  In fact, this is the time that you’ll probably have the LEAST money in your bank account, but it’s the time you want to spend the MOST!

There has to be a better way!

I want to share a little secret with you about branding… Lean in closely while I whisper in your ear ?

Your brand doesn’t matter!

Yup, I said it!  And I know that I’m going to be unpopular for saying it!

So, let me tell you why I think that your brand doesn’t matter.

When you’re a new business your first clients won’t choose your business because of your brand.  They’ll choose your business because of YOU!

Clients don’t fall in love with a brand (when it’s new), they fall in love with their experience with you.

I think it’s a waste of time investing in branding exercises (unless you can do it for free or you’ve got a big wad of cash to spend!) in the early stages of your business.

The stuff you want to invest in is the stuff that BRINGS IN CLIENTS!  You can spend your time and money later on branding investments, as cashflow allows.

If you haven’t seen my guide on the 5 Things You MUST Do Right Now To Generate MORE Landlord Leads In WAY LESS Time, then please go and download that here so you can read about what I think you SHOULD be doing (instead of spending money on branding).

One of the things you’ll learn in this guide, is to focus on networking.  And if you’re not enjoying networking events, read my 5 Tips for Enjoying a Networking Event here

Now, I have an exception to this rant…  And here it is….

Branding on social media and to your existing database can be completely free, so please GO FOR YOUR LIFE!  Brand, brand, brand baby – all over your social media accounts.  Just refrain from spending lots of $$$ on any ads that are focused on branding, until your budget legitimately allow for it.

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