If you’re anything like me, you know what it’s like to have a business dream.

And, if you’re anything like me, you know what it’s like to have people around you try to crush your business dreams!

Am I right?

Are you surrounded by people who don’t believe in your business dream?

I remember when I bought my very first business.

It was a beauty salon – yes, a beauty salon.

I’d spent 6 years in Property Management, and although I wanted to buy into the company I worked for at the time, there wasn’t the opportunity.

So, when my beauty therapist told me she was going to sell her business, I jumped!

I know, it seems a little crazy to buy a beauty salon when you’re not a beauty therapist.

But I did it anyway.

Now, there were some naysayers, believe me!

In fact, I remember my solicitor (who was doing the contract stuff for the purchase of the business) telling me not to bother with the business purchase.

He said that there will always be another business to buy, and I should just wait for the next one.

I couldn’t believe that my own solicitor, the man who was being paid to represent me and help me in business was telling me not to bother with my business dreams.

And I remember other “friends” telling me that I shouldn’t buy a business.

I still remember people saying:

“Business is tough”

“No one has the money to spend on beauty services”

“There are so many other beauty salons in town, you’ll never be able to compete”

Have you heard this type of stuff in your own business too?

Then, when it was time to start my second business, my rent roll, I swear it was even worse!

My ex-boss threatened to sue me.

Everyone was telling me “there are too many agents in this area, you’ll never make it”

No one understood the idea of a “Property Management Only” business.

Plus, all the criticism for being “home based” made me feel SO insecure!

Are you hearing me?

Can I get an “Amen”?

It just doesn’t make sense that so many people (and often people we love) would be so fast to criticize our business dreams.

But what makes even less sense is that we LISTEN to them!

But we do, right?

And it makes us doubt our business dreams.

So, here’s what you should do about it.

  1. Analyse their credibility

When you’re hearing criticism from people around you about your business dream, you need to figure out whether these people are “credible” sources you can trust.

Only allow credible people to influence your business dreams.

You know, people who have already grown successful businesses.

People who have first hand experience and can offer legitimate value to your business.

Imagine this…

You get a brand new little puppy. 

She’s a gorgeous golden Labrador (who doesn’t love Labradors, right?)

She’s full of love and fun and life!

She’s super smart and ready to learn.


Now, tell me this…

Would you just hand her over to someone who hates dogs?

Would you let everyone else you know decide how you should raise her?

Do you think that anyone else would do a better job of raising and loving this beautiful gold Labrador than you?

Of course not!

So, why do we hand over our business dreams to other people?

Think of your business like a puppy, and be super strict with who you allow to influence the way you raise that puppy.

  1. Remember that life is short

We rarely regret the stuff we try.

We often regret the stuff we don’t try.

If you’ve got people around you who don’t believe in your business, and you’re starting to doubt yourself, ask yourself this:

“Will I regret NOT trying?”

I’ve found this question so powerful lately.

I imagine myself a few weeks, months or years down the track.

And I imagine what life would be like if I never tried.

That usually shows me whether I’d feel regret.

And I hate that feeling of regret!

So, remember that life is short.

Make your business dreams a priority.

Don’t have regrets.

  1. Be kind to your “Future-Self”

Time is moving forward, whether you listen to your critics or not.

So, think about what your “future self” would want you to do.

Would you “future self” want you listening to people who are criticizing your business dreams?

Or would your “future self” want you to go hard after your dreams, grow your rent roll and impact hundreds or even thousands of property investors and tenants along the way?

The future is coming, whether you like it or not.

You might as well be kind to your “future self”, right?

  1. Get committed

Your own commitment can overcome pretty much anything that other people will say to you.

If you are totally and 100% committed to your goals, your dreams and your reasons, you’ll be unstoppable!

Then, it won’t even matter what other people say to you, because you’ll have bigger reasons to keep going.

If you need help getting committed, download my workbook on the 4 Steps to Total Commitment here

And, as a little bonus, if you’re struggling with naysayers and people who don’t believe in your business, and you’d like to find out more about getting into a supportive community of like-minded rent roll owners, click here to book a free strategy session with me to find out more about the Rent Roll Starter Essentials Program.  It might be just the thing you need!

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