Getting out of your Rent Roll Growth Comfort Zone

I bought a new sweatpants on the weekend.

And I think they’re probably the most comfortable sweatpants I’ve ever owned.

They’re stretchy…

And black…

And they come up pretty high on my (very short) waist…

They make my stomach look flat (well, kind of)…

They’re the perfect length for me (I’m only 154cm)…

And they have…




Ladies, you get me right?

Now, since I bought them, they’re the only pants I’m wearing.

I even did something a little bit embarrassing.

Please don’t judge me when I tell you this.

I tried on a pair of heels with the sweat pants to see if I could get away with wearing these sweat pants to work.

Turns out, I can’t.

Then it hit me…

I’ve crossed over into the “extreme comfort zone”.

I’m trying to justify wearing sweat pants to work.

How embarrassing!

And what I’ve realised is, this isn’t just about wanting to wear sweat pants to work.

It’s about recognising when we’re entering an “extreme comfort zone”.

I think we’ve all done this at different times.

Tell me if you’ve done one of these things…

Put off doing a Facebook live because you don’t really feel like it…

Delayed picking up the phone to ring a referral partner…

Made an excuse to not send a video message to a new landlord lead…

Failed to share that selfie at an open home because you can’t get the lighting right…

If you’ve ever made an excuse not to do something, maybe you’re also in your extreme comfort zone.

Maybe you’re just like me, wearing the same sweat pants over and over again.

So here’s my advice, based on my experience wearing these sweat pants.

It’s time to take them off.

It’s time to try something a little less comfortable.

It’s time to pick up the phone and ring that referral partner.

It’s time to send a Bonjoro video message to a landlord lead.

It’s time to send the 9 Word Email to your cold leads.

It’s time to turn on a Facebook Live and show your face on camera.

It’s time write that blog post and email it to your database.

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and grow that rent roll.

Need some ideas? Join my free Masterclass on 5 Ways To Grow Your Rent Roll.

You deserve all the amazing things that come with stepping out of your comfort zone.

You deserve the success, the achievement and the results that are on the other side of your comfort zone.

So tell me, in a comment below…

How are you going to get out of your comfort zone today?

And if you haven’t read my last blog The 3 Part Formula for Social Posts for Rent Roll Growth be sure to check that out next

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  • Megan Stuart
    May 26, 2020 12:30 am

    I love this article – the analogy of sweatpants has hit the mark! Thank you….

  • Claire Weggery
    May 27, 2020 12:56 am

    Ok lady you just made me go get changed! And I could also hear the voice of my partner in my head as well…
    I am literally the lady in trackpants all the time unless I have to be…. OOPS!

    Now I do not have an excuse to do a mini challenge today as well as I look much nicer already.

    • Ellen Bathgate
      May 27, 2020 12:58 am

      Oh Claire, you made me laugh so much! I’m all fancy today and wearing jeans!!! I’m glad I inspired you into action! Thanks for the laugh too Claire.


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