When you first start your own Rent Roll, you’ll need to select Property Management software straight away. This is the software you’ll use to track rent payments, collect your management fee, pay landlord clients, but you want it to be so much more. Consider things like:

Do you want your software to be accessible online? Some software programs are server based and can’t easily be accessed from anywhere but your office computer (which some people love), but in many cases, people want to be able to access the software while they’re on the road and visiting the properties they manage.

Does the software have built-in inspections? Some software programs allow you to complete ingoing/entry, routine/periodic, and outgoing/exit inspections. Some software programs don’t have this feature, so you’ll need to source your inspection software somewhere else – and make sure it integrates with your Property Management software

Can you manage repairs and maintenance within the software? Because repairs and maintenance of your rental properties is a major part of Property Management, you’ll need to know if you can manage this within the software program, or if you’ll be utilising maintenance specific software instead.

Of course, there’s so much more to consider when selecting Property Management software, so to find out more about starting your own Rent Roll and selecting your own software register for your free strategy session here. Alternatively, you can contact Rent Roll Starter on 02 7903 9993.

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  • Pras Subramaniam
    September 9, 2020 8:54 pm

    Hi I would really like to know more about the trust accounting integration of the software. As much detail as possible. Thanks

    • Hi Pras, you’re right, there’s so much to learn about trust accounting integration! Probably the best place to get this level of detail is with your own trust accounting software company. Which trust accounting software platform are you using? If it’s a platform I’m familiar with, I should be able to help you find a good breakdown of the integration details. Let me know!


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