There are so many different options available to agents when it comes to completing property inspection reports.

Originally, all ingoing (entry), outgoing (exit) and routine (periodic) inspections were completed by the property manager on a sheet of paper, with a carbon copy, but those days are long gone and there are so many options available now.

Electronic Inspection Reports

A large number of Property Managers complete their inspection reports on an electronic device – like a smart phone or tablet. This allows all the written notes to be recorded in an app on the device, and often allows photos to be taken and embedded in this digital report

Video Inspection Reports

Some Property Managers are harnessing new technology to allow them to complete a video inspection report. This report will usually record a full video of the property and also record the Property Manager dictating details about the condition of the property. This audio can also be relied upon to transcribe the written report to go along with the video report. The transcription of this audio can also be outsourced, so that the Property Manager doesn’t have to type the report themselves.

Outsourced Inspection Reports

There is an emergence of new outsourced inspection companies across Australia. These companies will often complete the entire inspection process for you, and send you the finalised report in digital format, along with any photos or videos they’ve taken for you.

Regardless of the method of inspection you choose, it’s important to get these property reports completed in a timely and detailed fashion. This is vital for the protection of your own agency and the protection of your landlord’s investment property.

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