How to overcome the loneliness of business

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If you’ve ever felt lonely in your business… 

If you’re a sole operator in your rent roll… 

If you haven’t hired any staff yet… 

You get what it feels like to be alone in your business. 

I remember when I started my own rent roll… 

Working from our spare bedroom at home… 


At home 

With no one to talk to except myself and my clients. 

And no one to get advice from when things got stressful. 

Not to mention the genuine social interactions that happen naturally when you work in an office with a team. 

The friendly banter that happens when you read a funny email. 

Or the team support you get when a tenant yells at you. 

It’s a pretty isolating experience. 

And whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert (like me)… 

We all need time with other people. 

But being in business for yourself can completely isolate you… 

What’s more is, it’s a super stressful time, and that makes the isolation even harder! 

So, if you’re feeling lonely and alone in your business, here are 3 tips to help you overcome the loneliness of business… 

Before I begin, in the interests for full disclosure, I have to tell you a secret… 

I am an introvert. 

This doesn’t mean I’m shy. 

It just means I’m energised by time alone. 

My husband is an extrovert. 

That doesn’t mean he’s loud. 

It just means he’s energised by being with other people. 

So, I will do my best to give advice that works for introverts AND extroverts, but I honestly don’t know what it’s like being an extrovert… 

Which means, this advice might not work for you extroverts. 


Tip 1 

Figure out if you’re an introvert or extrovert. 

Basically, if you get energized from being with other people, you’re probably an extrovert. 

And if you get energized from being alone, you’re probably an introvert. 

Still not sure? 

Here’s a quick quiz you can take to figure it out 

Once you know if you’re an introvert or extrovert, you can figure out how much time is okay for you to spend alone. 

But remember, even if you’re an introvert (like me) you can still get lonely in business. 

You know, it wasn’t until after I sold my rent roll that I realized just how lonely I truly had been. 

Even when I had staff working for me, I still felt alone. 

Alone in making decisions. 

Alone in prospecting for new business 

Just alone. 

Tip 2 

Create a diary that suits your personality type. 

If you’re an extrovert, set up your week so that you get lots of time with other people. 

In the beginning, this might feel almost impossible. 

But you can find ways to interact with other people that don’t involve big budgets or big business deals. 

Join a networking group on MeetUp. 

You’ll find other like-minded business owners in networking groups, and be able to create business relationships and even friendships with other business owners.  You’ll be able to support each other outside of the networking event, share experiences and seek opportunities to work together long term. 

Book yourself into a co-working space for one day (or a couple of hours) each week. 

Co-working spaces are a brilliant opportunity to meet other small business owners, collaborate on ideas and just get yourself into a community of business owners, without the expense (or loneliness) of renting an entire office by yourself. 

Hit your local café! 

This is a personal favourite of mine. 

For me, I don’t need to have conversations with other people throughout my day, but I like to have some time where I’m out in the “real world” with other people 

So, a café suits me just fine. 

I get to interact with the café owner, some other patrons of the café, but then I can get stuck into some work too. 

Plus, if you can find a café that has free wifi, you’ll probably end up meeting other business owners, which is great for creating a community feel. 

Tip 3 

Hire a Virtual Assistant. 

For me, this has made a massive difference in my own life, and reduced my own feelings of loneliness massively. 

Even though Joanna and I don’t work in the same office, we catch up every Monday for a video call, and we chat all day on Voxer. 

This means, I always have someone to talk to. 

Plus, Joanna is also a business owner and entrepreneur.  So she understands what it’s like to be in business, and we can talk as business owners to each other. 

I’ll admit, not every virtual assistant will also be an entrepreneur like you, but if you can find one, you’re onto a good thing! 

Now, if you’re alone in your business, and you’re looking for a community of like-minded business owners, register your interest in our next 10 Week Transformation Program, where you’ll get to network online with a bunch of other rent roll owners! 

If you haven’t seen my last blog titled How to Grow a Rent Roll Organically be sure to check that out next! 

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