Lies About The Hustle of Rent Roll Growth


I’m gonna rant today…

If there’s one thing I dislike about the business community..

It’s how much people talk about the hustle…

I hate the “hustle until your eyeballs bleed” concept…

I hate the “hustle and grind” movement…

I hate the “work harder, work longer until you make it” crusade…

I mean, is that really what life is about?

Hustling until our eyeballs bleed?

What about everything else?

And what happens when you run out of hustle?

When you’ve been hustling and grinding for years…

Forsaking everything else…

And your kids are all grown up…

And your relationship has taken a back seat…

And your health is compromised…

Not just your physical health…

But your mental health too…

I hate the word “hustle”

But you know what word I love?


Flow implies “inspired action”

Flow means balance

Balance between your business

And balanced time with your family, your friends, yourself…

Not neglecting your health…

Not working until 1am…

Not hustling and grinding…

It’s not effort = results

You don’t have to GRIND to be entitled to success

You don’t have to “bust yourself” to win in business

You don’t have to do, be or have everything that everyone else has

You just need to flow…

This doesn’t make you lazy

It makes you authentic

Take inspired action

Connect with people who motivate you

Work with clients who you love

Tell the truth about wanting to spend time with your friends, your family, yourself

Accept that there will be hard days…

But not “hustle hard” days

Take time to meditate, pray, read and write

And let go of the expectation to “hustle and grind”

It doesn’t serve you

It doesn’t serve your family

And let’s be honest…

You’re in business to make a better life for your family, right?

Not to be able to create social media posts that say “Hustle and Grind”

I know that in the moments I’m “hustling” my business feels forced, hard…

And in those moments, I feel like I’m never gonna “make it” (whatever that means)

But when I’m in Flow

I intuitively know who to call…

What to say…

How to write…

When to post…

And most of all, how to close business.

And ultimately, if we’re in business, we need to close.

So, how do you get in “flow”?

Comment below and let me know

Wanna get in flow, and grow your rent roll?

Grab my guide on 5 Ways To Get More Landlords

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  • and this is why we love you Ellen! this article is spot on 🙂

  • Samantha Richards
    December 4, 2018 12:57 am

    Great article Ellen. I could not agree with you more. Hate that crap – it’s the reason I’ve stopped watching or listening to Gary V and Tom Panos etc.
    There is a real force for change in the real estate community, and we have needed it for a long time. I have so much to say about this stuff – don’t get me started. Thanks for lightening my day and inspiring me.

    • Ellen Bathgate
      December 4, 2018 12:59 am

      I’m so happy to hear this Samantha! I’m the same as you with Gary V… I know he’s successful, but I don’t share his goals, and I don’t share his lifestyle plans. They’re just not me!
      So pleased I’ve lightened your day and inspired you! And I’m so grateful that you commented and you feel the same way. I often wondered if I was all alone in feeling this way! Ellen xo

    • Hi Samantha! I’m exactly the same! I don’t know Gary V, but I have stopped listening and following Tom and his ‘rants’, they come across so angry and it’s not my style at all. So glad you’re on the same page too 🙂

  • […] you haven’t seen my last blog titled Lies About The Hustle of Rent Roll Growth be sure to check that out […]


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