How To Get More Referral Partners

I don’t know about you, but I love getting referrals for new clients!


A client referred to you by a referral partner is usually:

  • Easy to close and get that signature on the management agreement
  • Great to work with
  • Already familiar with your services and charges (thanks to your referral partner)
  • And they’re also likely to refer more people to you!


So, getting more referrals has to be a priority for you, right?


What about getting more referral partners?


Are you focusing on getting more referral partners?


If you’re not, it’s time to start.


Let me step you through the 2 layer process I use for getting more referral partners…


Layer 1 is figuring out WHO you want to have as a referral partner.  Now, this could be the actual person you want as a referral partner.

Maybe it’s someone you know, or know of…

Or maybe it’s a particular type of business you’d like to work closely with.  You know, businesses like:

Mortgage Brokers




Financial Planners


Make a list of people you want in your referral network.  Write them all down in a big long list.


Now, layer 2 is about finding those people!

Luckily, we live in an age where it’s so easy to find these people.

So start to find these people.  Use every resource you have available to you:

Friends in common


Networking events

Linked In



Reach out to these people, or get introductions to them, so you can start to work together to refer business to each other.


Now, a word of warning here.

So often, people say to me “I approached a mortgage broker, and they already have a property manager they’re referring to” and it seems like there’s no opportunity to create a referral relationship with this mortgage broker.

But that’s not true!

Even if there’s an existing referral partnership in place already, you can still partner with this business.

It’s okay to have more than one referral partner!

It’s okay refer to a few different people!

And it’s okay to offer to be a “second opinion” for any new referral partners who already have an established relationship with your competitor right now.

The truth is, there’s a pretty simple step-by-step approach to getting more referrals and referral partnerships into your business, and I’ve compressed it into a 1-Page Referral Marketing Blueprint which you can download here.


Now, if you haven’t seen my last blog titled 3 Ways To Get More Brand Exposure be sure to check that out next!

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