How to Plan Your Social Media for Rent Roll Growth

Wondering how to plan your social media (for rent roll growth) during this pandemic?

Yeah, I get it, things are so much busier right now, and staying on top of your social media is much harder than it’s ever been before.

So, here’s the 5 Step Process you can follow for planning out your social media (so you can still use it for rent roll growth) during this crisis.

Step 1 – Plan Weekly (not monthly).

Usually I encourage you to plan your social media an entire month in advance, but right now, the world is changing rapidly.  The truth is, even if you plan your social media a week in advance, you might need to go back and make changes to your content later in the week.

Accept the fact that, for the next couple of weeks, you’ll probably have to do a weekly plan instead of a monthly plan.

Step 2 – 30 Minutes (once a week)

Set aside 30 minutes on Friday or Sunday (the week before) to plan out your social posts.  Please don’t wait until Monday to do your planning.  Mondays are the worst days for planning social media, because you’re hit with everything that happened on the weekend.  Tenancy applications, repair requests, vacate notices, etc all come in over the weekend.  So please don’t add more pressure to yourself by trying to plan your social media on a Monday.

Step 3 – Learn the 5 Categories.

There are 5 categories of social posts you should be using as part of your social media plan, especially if you’re wanting to grow your business, your brand and your rent roll.  The categories are: Education, The Humble Brag, Community, Advantage and Fun.  If you want a break down on how to use all of them as part of your social media plan (especially right now in this crisis), check out the 5 Categories of Social Posts training videos.  Knowing how to use these 5 categories will help you with your planning each week.

Step 4 – Write Your Content (or use The Content Club)

Once you’ve set aside your 30 minutes and you know the 5 categories of social posts, spend the next 30 minutes writing your content.

But what does this really look like?

Let’s assume you’re going to write 5 social media posts for the week ahead.  In that case, take each of the 5 categories, write a caption that taps into each of these categories.  The cool thing is, if you use each of the 5 categories, you’ll be able to stay social on your social media platforms, but also keep talking about your own business without being too “salesy”.

Need a quick formula for writing a social media post?  Here’s quick social media post formula:

  • Hook – start by hooking the reader in with an opening line to grab the reader’s attention.
  • Story – continue the post by telling a story (people love reading stories, especially if you write them well)
  • Call To Action – what do you want the reader to do now that they’ve read the caption? Comment? Share? Message You? Remember to ask the reader to take action at the end of the post.

Now, if you don’t have time to write your own social media posts, and you want ideas given to you, be sure to join us in The Content Club from just $47 before enrolments close.

Step 5 – Choose a Picture

Your picture needs to stop the scroll.  So here are a few tips for selecting a great picture to go with your social posts:

  • Include a face. Pictures with a face tend to perform better than picture without a face.
  • Don’t centre your pictures. You want the focus of your picture to be at the centre of the image.  For some reason, our eyes prefer images that are off-centre.  I don’t know why, they just do – go with it and make the most of it!
  • High contrast. High contrast images grab your attention, so use pictures that have a high contrast.

If you need ideas for what pictures to use with your social posts each week, join us in The Content Club from just $47 (before enrolments close) and we’ll give you picture suggestions for every single post we give you.

If you haven’t read my last blog on 3 Tools for Rent Roll Growth be sure to check that out next.

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