Have you ever felt the dread on a Sunday evening, or a Monday morning, knowing that you have to go back to work at 9 o’clock?  It’s a pretty common habit to get into – mourning the end of the weekend and dreading the work week.  But that’s exactly what it is, a habit.  And like all bad habits, this one can be broken, and like any good habit, you can create a new one.

I recommend that you start a special Monday morning habit – something that you only do on a Monday morning, to give yourself something to really look forward to, and something that you only do on a Monday, so that you can learn to really look forward to Monday mornings.

Work out what excites you personally, but you could try something like:

  • A walk along the beach with your partner before work
  • A visit to your favourite café, with your favourite inspirational book before work
  • A yoga class followed by a fresh juice before work
  • A breakfast meeting with your team, coach or partner to plan the week
  • A guided meditation audio before you get out of bed

Create new habits that actually make it exciting for Monday to roll around and learn to look forward to the beginning of each week.

For more information on what we do to start the week right or on starting your own Rent Roll, you can register for your free strategy session here. Alternatively, you can contact us today on 02 7903 9993

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