The Real Estate industry must be one of the most saturated industries to be in.  No matter how small the town you’re in, there will be a huge number of real estate agencies on the main street.  In fact, it feels like there are always more real estate agencies than any other service in town!  So how do they all survive?

The truth is, many of them are doing just that – surviving.  And only surviving.

Sure, some agencies are doing well, but not all of them are.

But you don’t have to worry about what your competitors are doing, or how many of your competitors there are, when you’re in your own real estate agency.  Because, it’s not about your competitors, it’s about you!

One of the biggest limiting beliefs I see is that “we have to know what our competitors are up to” before we can design and grow our own businesses.

This is a total lie.  Let me show you why…

Your business is unique, right?

You’re looking to attract clients and customers who are a good fit for you?

You provide an experience that is different to anything clients will get anywhere else, right?

So this means you don’t need to compare yourself to anyone else.

And here’s the kicker…

If you’re not comparing yourself to your competitors, it doesn’t matter how saturated the market place is!

So if it doesn’t matter how saturated the market place is, there’s actually enough business for you!

What I’m trying to say is, having a mindset of scarcity is going to hold you back in business.  If you think there’s too much competition out there, you’re probably right.  But if you think that you’ve got an offering that it unique and special, and you can communicate this to your audience, you’ll attract the type of clients who want to work with you.

Now, I know that I’m being a bit “woo woo” and talking about abundance vs scarcity mindsets, and you’re probably thinking: “Hey Ellen, what exactly do I do now?”

I’ve created a checklist for you to download with the 4 simple steps to help you figure out what your unique offering is (you might refer to this as your Unique Selling Point – USP).  Then you never have to think about your competition, when you know what makes your business special.

To access this free checklist click here

If you haven’t seen my article about Why Branding Doesn’t Matter, this will help you focus even more on forgetting about your competition, check that article out here

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