Should you discount your Management Fee to grow your Rent Roll?

You’ve seen those signs, right?

Or a flyer in your mailbox.

Or a flyer in the mailbox of a vacant property you’re trying to lease (augh!  I hated that )

Offering to manage an investment property for 3 months, without charging any commission.

So should you discount your fees to win the business?

Or offer 3 months management free too?

Yes! (Keep reading, there’s more to this)

If you’re thinking of dropping your management fee to win the business, and you’ve got ZERO other points of difference in your agency…

Then, yes.  You’ll need to drop your fee.

If that’s the only thing that makes you different to your competitors, then sure, it has to be different.

So drop that fee.


If you’ve got other points of difference.

If you’ve got other things that make your agency unique.

If you’re achieving results that no one else in your area can.

If you’re getting awesome rental returns for your clients (and not just weekly rents, overall annual rental returns)

Do not… I repeat… Do not discount your fee to win the business.

Here’s something to consider.

People buy from people they like.

They buy from people they trust.

So, if you’re going to attract landlords into your business, you need to be a person they have a relationship with.

I can already hear you asking: “But how do I have a relationship with people I haven’t met yet??”

Social media.

Social media is how you form a relationship with people you’ve never met.

Social media is how you allow people to get to know you, even if they’ve never come into the office.

Social media is how you build trust, rapport and a feeling of safety with people who haven’t even called you yet.

It’s that “virtual relationship” that allows you to win more business, without having to drop your management fee (or give it away altogether).

But here’s where most people get it wrong on social media.

Most people spend too much time posting pictures of properties on their socials.

And not enough time posting pictures and videos of themselves and their team on socials.

You need to be truly social, to build that relationship with your followers.

Need some ideas for what to post on social media?

Come and join the trial membership of The Content Club to get a free look at what’s inside the membership.

And then, if you like what you see in the free trial…

Join us in The Content Club for just $47 and you’ll get all your social media content for the month.

And that’s how you build relationships with people you don’t know on social media.

That’s the thing that takes you from being “like all the other agents in down” to being someone that landlords can really trust to take care of their investment property.


Try The Content Club for free right here – and use the content to grow your brand (and your rent roll).

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