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I’m going to be really honest… I LOVE To Do lists!

But, after stepping back and trying to be a bit more objective, I can see that it’s possible that you might be able to grow your Rent Roll without a To Do List.

Here’s a video on the alternatives to To Do Lists A lot of people will be looking at me and saying “but how will I remember to do everything, if I don’t have a To Do List?”

Let’s be clear, I’m not suggesting that you should remember everything (or anything) that you have to do.

I’m just suggesting that a list you have on a notebook (or in your task bar in Microsoft Outlook) might not always be the most efficient way to manage these things.

Here are some tools I’ve discovered after doing a bit of research: Property Management Software Project Management Software CRM Software Outcome Lists So, what’s the conclusion?

I think ultimately, you need to do what works for you. If that’s To Do Lists, then use them. If you love putting lists in Microsoft Outlook and then ticking them “complete”, then do that.

Ultimately, I think the big focus is to ensure that you don’t store anything in your head and you don’t forget anything you need to do.

Remember, just because you have been using one system for years doesn’t mean it’s the best system – be open to trying other systems too.

You might be surprised at how well they can actually work Check out our previous video here:

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