How To Use CRM Software (Properly) To Grow Your Rent Roll

If you’re looking to grow your rent roll, then you need to be using CRM software… and you need to be using it properly!

Here are some quick timestamps to skip to each section:
Why To Use a CRM Instead of Outlook or Google 0:0:45
What Features To Look For 3:00
What To Pay For A CRM 7:35
How To Make The Most Of Your Current CRM 17:25
Final Tips 19:18
Free Property Booklet Template Download 21:10

Ellen sits down with Peter from Eagle Software in this interview to find out exactly how to choose the right software, what to look for, and how to make the most of your CRM software.

Plus, Peter gives us a FREE downloadable property booklet template, which you can use in Word – regardless of what CRM software you’re currently using.

Download your FREE downloadable property booklet template here:

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