Have you heard about all these other real estate agents who are hiring themselves a Virtual Assistant?

Are you feeling left behind and wondering if you should be hiring one too?

Perhaps you feel nervous about hiring someone overseas and training them to do things EXACTLY the way you want them to?

But as your workload gets bigger and your rent roll keeps growing, your work days get longer… and you know you need to get some help.

So today I’m going to share “behind the scenes”, showing how I work with my lovely Virtual Assistant, Joanna and answer all the questions I get asked almost every day…

Let me start by answering the biggest questions I get asked:

  1. How did you find and hire Joanna?

I advertised a job on Upwork and invited Joanna to apply for the position (because I liked the look of her profile/resume).  I interviewed 3 people on Skype for the position, and Joanna was the most impressive of those 3, so I hired her!  And I’m so pleased I did!

Even though I personally did the recruit and hiring myself on Upwork, if you’ve never hired a Virtual Assistant before, I highly recommend you work with an Australian company to help you with the hiring and training process.  Some companies you might like to contact are:

Outsource Workers

Affordable Staff

Property Management Virtual Assistant

  1. How do you pay Joanna?

Upwork is the platform we use for recording the hours Joanna works, and handling the payments each week.  If you work with one of the companies I listed above, they’ll handle the payment process for you too.

  1. What does Joanna do for you?

Joanna is responsible for managing all my social media (Facebook business page, Instagram page and my personal Facebook profile), updating my website, editing my videos, working on my search engine optimization, posting my weekly blogs, scheduling all my weekly emails to my database (yes, if you’re reading this post on my website, or as a result of an email I sent you, it’s because Joanna scheduled the email for me!) creating promotional images, formatting documents, researching articles, general communication on my behalf and helping me with ideas for my social media and marketing campaigns.  I have a few more tasks that I’m preparing to give her soon too!


Now, let me walk you through how Joanna and I work together on a day to day basis.

Most Monday mornings we share an email chat about what we got up to on the weekend.

Each week Joanna has regularly occurring tasks that she performs, so she stays on top of her regular tasks, so just like any other employee, I don’t need to chase her to ensure that she completes her work, she just takes care of it all.

Any time I need to give Joanna new responsibilities, I use SnagIt to record my screen while I perform the task once (I talk through the process, as SnagIt records that audio too), then Joanna can watch me showing her how to complete it and do it herself.  If she ever gets stuck on a task, she’ll let me know and I can help her.

Joanna is just like any other team member, we chat about regular stuff, send messages via Facebook over the weekend sometimes, and I can rely on her to do her job just like she was sitting in the office with me.


So, if you’ve been thinking about hiring a Virtual Assistant yourself, I highly recommend that you do one thing…

Download my free guide on the 4 Questions You MUST Ask Yourself Before Hiring OR Outsourcing To A Virtual Assistant

And, of course, if you have any more specific questions, feel free to comment below or send me a message directly, and I’m always happy to share my experiences.

If you haven’t read my last blog on How To Generate Leads From NOTHING be sure to check that out now!

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