Do you want to use Facebook to grow your rent roll?

Have you set up your Facebook page?

Are you boosting posts?

Have you been waiting for new business to come in?

Are you feeling frustrated that you’re spending time and money on this page and it’s NOT generating new business yet?

You’re not alone.

In fact, most of the agents I work with feel the same way

Actually, until I learnt how to use Facebook to get more leads, I also felt the same way!

But, over the next two weeks, I’m going to share two tactics with you to use Facebook to grow your Rent Roll

So, let’s start with the first tactic!

Firstly, we need to get clear on a few things.  You should be doing two things on Facebook, and they are each designed for different outcomes.

The first thing you should be doing is POSTING REGULARLY!

The second thing is running Facebook Ads.

Today, I’m going to step you through the first thing – Posting Regularly.  Next week, I’m going to share a Facebook Ads strategy that works to get landlord leads.

Let’s talk about using Facebook to grow your rent roll.

And let’s focus on the first tactic – Posting on Facebook Regularly.

Let me explain why this is important.

Your Facebook wall is a place the people can go to research you (without you even knowing!) and find out what your business is about, who you are as a person, and the personality behind your brand.

Remember, if people are researching you on Facebook, your wall should NOT be cluttered with boasting, bragging, “look how good we are” type posts.

Facebook is social media.  People are there to be social, be entertained, be given useful and interesting information NOT to be sold to!

This means that your Facebook posts need to be consistent, interesting, fun and valuable.

In fact, at least 80% of your Facebook posts should be social and no more than 20% should be “salesly” or promotional.

If you check out my Facebook page here and you scroll through my Facebook posts as far back as you like, you’ll realise that I don’t do any “salesly” or promotional posts at all!

When people come to my Facebook page, I want them to be entertained, informed and feel like they get to know me and my business a little better.  I want people to walk away feeling like I’ve given them some valuable information they can apply in their business immediately.

This needs to be the focus for your Facebook posts too.

Your regular posts are NOT designed to get landlords to instantly move their property across to you.  Your posts are designed to allow these landlords to research you and (over time) decide if they can trust you with their investment property.

So, please stop trying to get new landlord leads through your regular posts.  That’s what Facebook Ads are for (and I’ll tell you more about them next week).

Now that you know the purpose of your Facebook posts, let’s talk about the type of things you can post on a regular basis.  Remember, we’re aiming for AT LEAST 80% of your posts to be fun, interesting, educational, valuable, and (most importantly) social!

Here are some ideas for what to post on Facebook:

Articles – Ideally, share your own articles that you’ve written, but if you can’t write your own articles, share other people’s interesting articles.  Remember who your audience is – landlords and tenants, so share articles that are going to be interesting for them!

Videos – Facebook Live will get you the best results, but it’s okay to pre-record videos if you’re not feeling confident enough to go live.  Show people through homes with video, talk about current issues impacting landlords and tenants, or share a video of a cute dog you met at an inspection!

Selfies – Your audience will love selfies when you’re out and about doing your job, so post these as often as you can!  People LOVE seeing you on the job and seeing “behind the scenes”.

Of course, there are SO many more things that you could be posting, so I’ve created a guide called the 16 Different Types of Social Media Posts for Property Management to Start Posting Now!  Please click here and download that guide now!

Once you have an idea of what you’re going to post on Facebook, create a schedule for it.  Schedule your posts to appear on a regular basis.  I started by posting 3 times a week, then 5 times a week, and now I post daily (sometimes twice daily!).  I map out my Facebook schedule each month with my assistant, Joanna, and we use the social media scheduling tool, Buffer to ensure that our posts appear automatically.  This also means that I don’t have to log in each day and remember to post on Facebook!

So, once you’ve got some consistency and schedule with your Facebook posting, you’re able to move on to running Facebook Ads to get landlord leads.  And this is an excellent strategy for getting new landlords.  Plus, the good news is, you don’t need many “likes” on Facebook to be able to run Facebook Ads and get great results!

Next week, I’m going to step you through what to do to get landlord leads through Facebook Ads, but in the meantime please download the 16 Different Types of Social Media Posts for Property Management to Start Posting Now guide now, and get your posting scheduled!

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