What should I include in my listing kit?

When I was actively growing my rent roll, I didn’t rely on my listing kit very heavily, but I liked to leave a folder behind with the landlord, so that they could learn more about my agency.

My favourite things to include in my listing kit were:

  • Agency presentation document. This booklet usually tells the landlord about the agency, the procedures your office has in place, answers some frequently asked questions and helps the landlord become familiar with how your agency operates.  Members of The Content Club get access to an example of the exact presentation document I used in my business
  • Information on the landlord’s responsibility for safety in the property. Each state and territory has different requirements on the landlord to provide a certain level of safety in the rental property.  A listing presentation appointment is a perfect time to educate the landlord on their responsibilities.  Most government websites will have a fact sheet you can print off to include in the listing kit.
  • Brochures and sign up forms for any smoke alarm and safety maintenance services. Once you’ve explained the landlord’s responsibility for safety maintenance, it’s ideal to offer them a cost-effective solution to manage this.
  • Landlord Insurance information. Although you can’t recommend a landlord insurance policy, because you’re not a broker, you can always include a couple of brochures on policies that the landlord should consider. I used to include brochures to Terri Scheer and EBM.
  • Vacating checklist. If the landlord is current living in the property, and preparing to move out, you can include your tenant vacating checklist, to help them prepare appropriately as they move out.  This also reminds the landlord that you uphold a certain standard when a tenant moves out of a property.  Members of The Content Club can access a copy of my Vacating Checklist.
  • Examples of advertising. To be able to clearly demonstrate exactly how you will advertise their property for lease, the simplest way is to show them.
  • Examples of any other reports and documents you’ll provide them during the management period. This might include samples of ingoing/entry condition reports, routine inspection reports, end of month statements, etc
  • Agency Agreement/Appointment. This is the most important document to bring with you!  Remember to bring the paperwork with you to allow you to sign the business right there at the appointment!

If you need more ideas for growing your rent roll, check out our masterclass: 5 Ways to Grow Your Rent Roll.

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