If you’re a salesperson, you may not have ever considered asking yourself this question. But if you’ve just started a rent roll, it’s time to start asking it. In rentals, much more than in sales, you’ll come across times when a property you have for rent has been vacant for some time and the power has been turned off. Or, you’ll have a property for rent that has other tenants still living there, who are not as motivated to help you rent the property, compared to the motivation of your vendor clients.

So this means that you might have to consider things like:

Whether the house gets dark late in the afternoon – Twilight viewings in the sales industry are very sexy, but if there’s no power on in the rental property you’re showing, you’ll need to show people through it in the mornings.

In Summer, does the house get really hot at a certain time of day? – again, without power to run the air conditioning, potential tenants might be put off by the heat.

In Winter, does the house get really cold first thing in the morning? – even if you have other tenants living in the property, they might not be prepared to turn the heaters on especially for you to show other potential tenants through the house

When you’re selling a property, you usually have the owner living in the house, so they’ll help prepare for your open homes by turning on lights, and adjusting any air conditioning to suit the climate, but in rentals you often don’t have this assistance. So pay attention to the property and figure out what the best time of day to show people through the property and decrease your vacancy rate!

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