How to get Endless Referrals into Your Rent Roll – with Di Coad from Coad Real Estate


Last month, Di Coad got over 20 landlords referred to her from her referral partners.  And she didn’t prospect for ANY of them.  They just came to her.

But it wasn’t always like this.

In fact, shortly after Di bought her rent roll, she lost a huge portion of this rent roll, and things were looking pretty grim.
In this episode, Di shares the vulnerable truth about the early years in her rent roll, how she turned things around, and how she now receives referrals into her rent roll constantly, without even prospecting for them.

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Want to connect with Di?  Here’s where you can find her:

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And if you’d rather watch the video interview, it’s right here:

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  • Hi Ladies,
    I missed this podcast earlier today so I’m up late watching 11:50pm & I wanted to say thank you.
    It’s great to hear you being straight up & honest about your journey Di.
    Our journey sounds very similar, it took us some time to know who our clients are & more importantly who they are not & knowing our self-worth once again like yourself.
    Thanks again
    Thomson Property Group
    Thomson the family name you can trust

    • Hi Matthew,
      So great to hear your journey is so similar to Di’s. I agree, Di was generous and so honest when she shared her story.

    • Hi Matt,

      Thankyou so much for your kind words! It means a lot to get a nice comment like this, I was so nervous about putting it out there like this.

      Hoping your journey continues onwards and upwards!
      All the best! Cheers, Di


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