Starting a Real Estate Agency at age 21 – with Alana Gargaro from Residential HQ Central Coast

 I started my own property management career at 18 years old.  And I used to think that was young.
But then I met Alana Gargaro from Residential HQ Central Coast.
Alana started her career in real estate at 15 years old.
And she started her own real estate agency when she was 21.
So Alana has kindly agreed to join me on the podcast, to talk about what it’s like starting in real estate at such a young age, and how she started her own business at 21.

In this episode, Alana shares:

✅ How she landed that first job in real estate (this could be great information for you, if you’ve got kids looking to get into the industry one day)
✅ What made her decide to go out on her own at 21
✅ The one thing she wishes she did sooner in her business
✅ And much more

And you might even hear Ralph the dog making a little audio appearance in the episode too! ?? 

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Want to connect with Alana?  Here’s where you can find her:

Residential HQ on Facebook
Residential HQ on Instagram

And if you’d rather watch the video interview, it’s right here:

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