Are you in a brand new business?

Only been operating for a couple of years (or less)?

Desperate for more new clients and better income?

I hear you!

And I’ve been there!

I’ve felt the pressure of needing more clients.

I GET what it feels like to be trying to generate enough income to get more time and flexibility.

My business has gone from totally unknown to growing successfully.

What I’ve realized is, there are 4 Big Things that successful businesses owners do, that other people simply don’t do.

So I’m going to share those 4 Tips with you here

Tip 1

Be generous.  I remember when I first heard this advice, and I didn’t really understand what this meant.  What I’ve learnt is, being generous isn’t about being a doormat or having everyone walk all over you, but it’s about offering value to people.  It’s not about cheap pricing, it’s just about great value.  Make people feel valued, supported and provide free information even before you get paid.

Tip 2

Deal with your Upper Limits.  Sometimes, we hit “glass ceilings” of success.  In fact, it can be our subconscious holding us back from achieving greater levels of success and sabotaging ourselves.  If you notice yourself having a moment of great success and achievement, then something goes wrong out of the blue, there’s a good chance it’s an upper limit problem.  Marie Forleo has a great article on Upper Limit Problems here.  Remember, once you break through an upper limit, you’ll eventually hit another one, so this is something you’ll ALWAYS have to work on.

Tip 3

You are the Average of the Five People You Hang With Most.  Think about the 5 people you spend the most time with at the moment (friends, family, partner, etc).  Now, think about their income levels…  chances are, the average income in your group is within $20,000 (per year) of yours.  Want a bigger income?  Hang with some people who have that income already.  Keen for a more successful business?  Spend time with people who have successful businesses.  You’ll be surprised by the impact this has on your success.

Tip 4

Implement.  So many of us spend time and money on courses, webinars, coaches and mentors.  It’s the successful business owners that IMPLEMENT what they’ve learnt, who get the best results.  I’ve had times where I’ve paid hundred (or even thousands) of dollars to attend a training event, or hire a coach or mentor, but I didn’t seem to get results.  Upon reflection, I didn’t do any of the stuff I was told to do!  No wonder I didn’t get results!  This year, I’ve hired myself a really great marketing coach (she’s certainly not cheap, but she’s GOOD) and I’m actually implementing what she says and getting AWESOME results!  It’s all about implementation.


Of course, the biggest question I get some people is “How Do I Get More Landlord Leads?”  And I think I get this question most because it’s seen as the secret to a successful business.  So, I created a free guide called the 5 Things You MUST Do To Get MORE Landlord Leads In WAY LESS Time Than You Thought.  If you haven’t downloaded it yet, please go and download it.  But remember the 4 tips I outlined earlier.  Get those tips integrated into your thinking, then read the guide and (you guessed it) IMPLEMENT BABY!


If you haven’t ready my last article on The Secret To Tapping Into a Saturated Real Estate Market, check it out now!

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