Ever wondered how other people stay motivated in their businesses?

Wondering how other successful business owners keep their motivation levels up to do the things they need to do, to grow their businesses?

Are you wishing that you still had the same level of motivation for your business that you had when you first started it?

Struggling to keep it all together and have that motivation for new ideas and new growth in your business?

Well, I’m here today to share with you the secret I’ve discovered about motivation in business…

Motivation is a myth.

Now, I know I’m not the first person to say this.  It’s been said on the Huffington Post, by Mel Robbins and plenty of others, of course.

But it really didn’t sink in for me until recently when I realised that, I’m not a highly motivated person, but I have certain areas of my life and business that I am completely committed to, even when I don’t feel motivated.

Let me share some examples.

I discovered I was gluten intolerant a little over 10 years ago, this means that I had to give up gluten (cold turkey) immediately and avoid all exposure (not even share a toaster with my husband!) for the rest of my life.  Then, 4 years ago, I decided to go vegan as well. Now, I wouldn’t say that I’m “motivated” to stay gluten free and vegan, but I made a firm decision many years ago that this was my life now, so I just live it.  Sometimes, that means that when I travel, I don’t have gluten free, vegan options available, so this means I either pack my own food, or skip a meal.  At those times (especially when it’s looking like I’ll have to skip a meal) I don’t feel very motivated to stay gluten free and vegan!  But, I made a commitment to myself and to my health, so I stick to my guns.  It’s about commitment, not motivation in this case.

Another example is my social media activity in my business.  Early this year, I made the decision to make sure I’m posting on social media daily.  Now, I don’t always feel motivated to plan out my social media each month, but I made a commitment (largely to myself, but also to my audience) that there would be daily posts (sometimes twice daily).  Again, it’s about commitment, not motivation.

Sure, there are times when I do feel motivated, or even inspired.  But mostly, I’m simply committed.

Let me tell you something else though…

I don’t always commit to things.  In fact, before I commit to anything (especially something long term) I think carefully about whether I’m willing to commit (either to myself or publicly) to the action.  I use a 4 step process to establish whether I’m truly committed before I get started.  I’ve created a workbook for you outlining the 4 Steps To Total Commitment which you can download here.

If you haven’t seen my last blog titled The Uncertainty of Business – and how to overcome it be sure to check that out next!

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