Do you have heaps of ideas?

Own a rent roll where you want to implement ALL your ideas?

Are you struggling to choose which one of your ideas you should focus on?

Does this sound familiar?

You’re growing your rent roll

You’re balancing work and family life

You’ve been to heaps of training events

You’ve got stacks of new ideas for growing your business

You’ve written a thousand To Do Lists

Your lists include things like: social media, cold calling, door knocking, letter boxing, referral marketing, current database, blog writing, newsletters, networking, landing pages, content marketing, videos…..  no doubt, the list is even longer!

So, how do you figure out which idea is the most important, and what you should be focusing on, as the business owner?

I’ve experienced these moments when I had my rent roll, and I still have moments in my business today

Let me share with you how I determine which of my ideas is “the one” to focus on, and how I create a priority list.  I have a series of 3 questions I ask myself:

Question 1

What’s my biggest goal right now?

If I have some major goals, then all my activities need to be contributing to that goal.  In some cases, that means deliberately neglecting some activities, so that I can completely focus on my biggest goal.

Question 2

What has worked in the past?

Once I know what my biggest goal is, I know where my priority needs to be.  I then look at what actions have worked for me in the past to achieve similar goals.  When I had my rent roll, if my goal was a certain number of new managements this month, I knew that networking and following up my database was absolutely the priority.  In my current business, if my goal is to taken on 2 new coaching clients this month, I know I have to prioritise spending time on coaching calls and Facebook Ads.

Question 3

What do I get great feedback on?

Outside of my biggest goals, if I’m looking to focus on additional “minor goals”, and need clarity on which one to focus on, I ask myself this question:  what do I get great feedback on?  So, if I want to create great content on my blog, I look at the types of blogs that I get great feedback from my clients and database on.  If I’m considering improving my social media interaction and engagement, I look for pattern in the types of posts (and the days/times) that get the best interaction and engagement.

Once I’ve asked myself these three questions, I have clarity on the few ideas that need my attention and focus.  This also means that I often delay some of my other ideas.  Once I know what ideas need to be delayed, I use my calendar or CRM program to remind me to focus on the ideas that I’ve deferred.  I don’t want to forget all my good ideas, so it’s important to have a way to get them out of my head and into a reminder system to take action at a later date.

If one of your goals happens to be getting more landlord clients, make sure you download my free guide on  the 5 Things You MUST Be Doing Now To Generate More Landlord Leads

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