For many real estate agencies, Christmas time is an opportunity to close the office and enjoy a little bit of time off work.  Here are a few tips for getting to enjoy this much-needed break:

  1. Let your clients know you’re closing the office. Every time you contact your clients, remind them that your office will be closed during Christmas.  Educate them on what to do in the event of an emergency repair, how tenants are to pay their rent during this time, and when end of month payments will be made.
  2. Organise your tradespeople. Make sure all your tradespeople are prepared to handle emergency repairs during this period, and know how to contact you if required.
  3. Change your voicemail. This applies to your office phone and your mobile phone.  Change your voicemail so that it reminds your tenants and landlords are aware that your office is closed and how to handle emergencies during this time.  It’s up to you if you check this voicemail during the office closure period.
  4. Turn your auto-responder on. Use your email auto-responder to reply to all the emails you receive during the Christmas period reminding your tenants and landlords that you’ll respond to their emails when your office re-opens.

Whether you check your voicemails and email during this period is really up to you.  But, I’ve found that the less you check them, the more you’ll enjoy the holiday period, so make the most of it and enjoy the break – you deserve it!

If you need help preparing for your Christmas holidays, contact us at Rent Roll Starter today! Phone 02 7903 9993.

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