Protecting Your Business as Your Team Grows

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As your business grows, so will your team.  And whether you hire a local employee or an international virtual assistant, you need to be deliberate about it.

And there’s no doubt.

Hiring anyone is risky.

Whether it’s a local employee or a virtual assistant based in another country. You’re involving other people in your business, and there’s an inherent risk in that.
Speak with your legal team to get solid advice about the best ways to protect yourself and your client’s private information.  Consider things like:
  • Cyber Insurance to protect yourself in the event of a privacy breach (whether with a local employee or an international contractor)
  • Updating your business Privacy Policy to describe how your office handles private information and the employees and contractors who might have access to this information.
  • Working with international staff via a platform like Upwork that has a robust Privacy Policy and data protection (ideal for working with international contractors)
I think we can either embrace other people into our team, or we can stunt our growth by refusing to bring other people into our team.  But that doesn’t mean we should be careless about the team we recruit. We should be deliberate and take appropriate steps to protect our business and clients, while allowing our business to grow to the next level.
Let’s remember, I’m not a lawyer and I don’t play one on the internet. So get some decent advice from you own lawyer before you hire anyone and make sure you get advice appropriate for your business.
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