Looking for some cool new apps to use in your Rent Roll Starter journey?  Here’s a few that I really love:

Evernote – a free (paid option also available) app for note taking, organising and archiving.  I use it to store a bunch of personal and professional documents by scanning them and saving them to the cloud.  Evernote can understand handwritten notes and make them searchable too, so you don’t have to remember what you called the note, you can just search by keyword.

Dropbox – is a cloud based document storage tool that you can keep documents, photos, etc and share them with your team.  I’ve used this in my own Property Management company when I didn’t want to have a server to store everything electronically.  Another option is Google Drive – similar concept.

BRiN – a free virtual business adviser.  It has a load of helpful videos, audio and articles.  None are Rent Roll specific, but all can be used to help grow your own business.

Skype – everyone knows about this one, but I think it’s good to remind ourselves to use this tool.  I use it particularly to communicate with my international team, because it’s free.  I use it for video calls, audio calls and also for sending quick text messages to my team.

For more information on how to use these apps in your business, you can claim your free 30 minute strategy session by clicking here.

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