I get asked this question pretty regularly by clients and friends.  All of the people in my life know that I have worked with a life coach for almost the last 10 years.  So my answer is pretty simple: YES!  The type of coach you’re looking for might not be the same as the type of coach I’m using, but ultimately, there’s a coach out there for everyone!

So, what does a coach do?

Different coaches work on different areas with you.  A life coach will usually work with you to design your life (personally, professionally, relationally, physically, spiritually) and set goals to achieve these things.  They’ll help you achieve your goals, hold you accountable and help you achieve your ideal life.

A business coach will focus purely on your business and will often be industry specific.  Our industry, real estate, has some really great coaches to choose from: sales coaches, business development coaches, systems coaches, and of course us: Rent Roll Starter coaches.  No matter what you want to achieve in your business you can find someone who will support you to achieve your goals and make sure you stay on track until you’re there.

For me, I love the accountability.  I have someone I’m paying who will ask me tough questions and make sure that I follow through on the promises I make to myself.

For more information on our Rent Roll Starter Coaching Program or for an introduction to another type of coach (we know plenty of good ones!) contact Rent Roll Starter today!

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