When you manage a rent roll, you’re going to need to work with tradespeople, who will complete repairs and maintenance on these rental properties.  So what are some questions you should ask your Tradespeople when you hire them?

Do you have email?

In this day, you need tradespeople who will accept work orders and instructions via email. This gives you a paper-trail and allows all your documentation in order.  Tradepeople who don’t have or use their email are not people you want to work with.

What do your invoices look like?

Ask to be shown a sample of the invoices they will be submitting to your office.  You may need to request some changes to the layout of the invoice.  For example, the invoice needs to be made out to the owner of the property, care of your office.  You’ll need to be confident that your requests for invoicing can be accommodated.

Do you have copies of your license, insurance and a police check?

Always require these documents from your new tradespeople, and require that they supply an up to date copy each year to your office so you know that they are carrying the appropriate insurances, are properly qualified and have no criminal record.  These tradespeople will be going into your clients’ properties, so you need to know they’re safe.

Are you familiar with our payment terms?

Make sure that your tradespeople understand your payment terms.  You may disburse payments to your tradespeople once a month, fortnight, week or every single day.  Make sure that they know when to expect your payment, so that they are not chasing money from your office before it’s scheduled to be paid.

Can you provide photos of your work?

Most tradespeople will carry smart phones with them, so request that they provide before and after photos of their work (where appropriate).  This will allow you to pass on these photos to your landlord clients.

Of course, there are so many more questions you should ask your Tradespeople before hiring them, so for more information, contact Rent Roll Starter today! 02 7903 9993!

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