Here is part three of the six part series on Working Virtually in Real Estate.  Part Three is a tip on getting your office phone number right, and how I did it in my office:

Get a local phone number!

Just because you don’t have an office doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a local phone number.  If you want to appear to be an established agency, you need a “landline” phone number.  You can easily get a “local” VoIP phone number or even a 1300 number for your business.

In the beginning you might like to divert this number to your mobile and answer it yourself (remember to answer it with your business name, so it sounds professional) or you can always outsource your reception services.

There are plenty of Australian based outsourced reception services who will answer you calls as though they are sitting in your office, and they’ll either transfer the caller to you or take a message and email/text it to you.  (When I had my office, I had great success using Silent Partner). Your clients will never know that the calls are being answered from somewhere other than your office, and you’ll always sound professional and organized.

For more information on this or anything else related to starting your own Rent Roll, contact Rent Roll Starter today! Phone 02 7903 9993

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