Today’s blog is part four of the series about Working Virtually in Real Estate.  We’re talking about ways to make your brand new virtual office seem more established and professional today.  One of the best ways to do this is to Use a PO Box and/or a Serviced Office.
You can easily use a PO Box for all your mail/parcel deliveries, so that’s a simple solution.  If you like to have meetings in a corporate location, search for your local serviced office in your town.  For my business, I decided it was most cost effective to take out a membership with a serviced office in my area.  This meant that I could advertise this office as my business address, have my mail collected for me, allow clients to drop paperwork off (to their receptionist), book meeting rooms and even hire a desk there for a few hours if I wanted to.

Using a professional serviced office also gives the impression you do actually have an office, but you’re paying a fraction of the cost of an office.  If there’s not a serviced office facility in your area, you might be able to negotiate a “share arrangement” with a complementary business, like a mortgage broker or accountant, who would be willing to allow you to use their address as your business address, collect your mail and offer you a meeting room to use on occasion, for a small monthly fee.

For more information on this or anything else related to starting your own Rent Roll, contact Rent Roll Starter today!  Phone 02 7903 9993

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