3 Steps to Making Your Customers Smile

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There’s another man in my life, and his name is Jack.

He greets me in the morning with the biggest smile.

He knows my name, and always remember when I’m coming over.

He brings me coffee, and he knows exactly how I like my coffee (almond flat white please!)

But you know what makes him so special?

It’s that he’s genuinely happy to see me each day.

Like, super enthusiastic to see me!

And yes, he’s my barista at Paperboy Concord.

But I’m not the only person he’s happy to see each morning.

He greets every single person with the same enthusiasm.

And all of his customers call him by name too!

He remembers how everyone takes their coffee!

(like seriously, how does he do that? Magic or something?)

In fact, as I’m sitting here in the café writing this, he’s posing for a photo behind the coffee machine with one of his customers.

They just LOVE him!

He is just a joy to interact with!

Plus, he makes a really good almond flat white (and that counts, trust me!)

So here’s what it made me realise.

It doesn’t take much effort to make someone else feel really special and really important.  In fact, it’s a 3-step formula you can try today:

Step 1 – Smile!  A real smile, with your whole face!

Step 2 – Call people by their name.  Okay, maybe you’re not as good with names as Jack is.  So, keep notes and refer to your notes, so that you can call people by name.

Step 3 – Appreciate people.  Remind yourself that it’s your landlords who pay you, your wages, your rent, your bills.  And it’s your tenants who pay your landlords, so that they can pay you!  That’s pretty cool, hey?  I mean, of all the property managers in the area, they picked you!

I honestly can’t tell you how much seeing Jack brightens my day.  And it’s not just the caffeine.  It’s how special I feel when I arrive at his café.  It’s how important he makes me feel, and how appreciated I am when I come to his café.

Plus, he’s just so happy all the time – that’s gotta feel good for him too!!

So, I want this for you and your clients too!

I want your clients to feel as special when they interact with you, and I feel when I have a coffee at Jack’s café, Paperboy.

And I want your clients to rave about you and your property management services the way I rave about Jack and his café.

Because I know you’re awesome, and I want your clients to tell everyone how awesome you are!

So before you close this browser tab, would you comment below and tell me about the last time someone in a business made you feel special?

I’m creating a little document of feel-good stories about amazing customer service, so I’d love to hear yours.

Please, comment below and share a couple of lines.

Oh, if you want other ideas about how you can use outstanding service to grow your rent roll?  Click here for 3 more steps.

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