Nothing About Growing Rent Rolls

Last week I found out some news that really rattled me.

One of my mentors (who I’ve never actually met), Rachel Hollis, announced she was splitting from her husband of 16 years.

And even though I don’t know Rachel personally, it really rattled me.

I’ve followed Rachel online for years…

I’ve listened to her podcast…

I’ve read her books…

And I’ve listened to her marriage advice.

I’ve listened to her business advice.

I’ve watched Rachel grow her business, and her family and watched as she posted inspirational quotes on Instagram.

So when she (and her husband) made the announcement last week that they were splitting up, it felt like two of my friends were splitting up.

I was really sad for them and their family.

But also, I was shocked.

Shocked, because everything I’d ever seen on Rachel’s social media made it look like their marriage was perfect.

So, to announce a breakup felt really “out of the blue”.

And here’s what it taught me.

Social media is not real life.

It’s not.

Everything you see on social media is curated.

It’s a curated highlight reel.

So, if you’re ever scrolling through Instagram…

And you’re wondering why your rent roll isn’t growing as fast as someone else’s rent roll…

Of you’re sad that your hair isn’t as perfect as someone else’s hair…

Or you don’t know why your skin isn’t as smooth as someone else’s skin…

Or you wish you could drive a fancy car like that other agent in town…

Remember that it’s a curated highlight reel.

It’s edited.

And photoshopped.

And brightened.

And cropped.

And stretched.

And filtered.

It’s not real life.

So please don’t compare your real life to someone else’s social media account.

Including mine (remember, it’s only the highlights ?).

That’s it.

Nothing about rent roll growth today.

I just wanted to share that with you.


An extra note for you, in case you’re worried…


Don’t worry, I still love social media for lead generation.  I just know that we need to keep it in check sometimes.

Need ideas on how to use social for rent roll growth? Come and join me in my masterclass: 5 Ways to Grow Your Rent Roll (social media is actually Step #5 in the course ?)

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